What is the Enti-approach?

In some way we can compare a living organism to a radio station.
A radio station sends out waves that carry information.
We know this information as music, voices,…

A living organism sends waves out too.
And those carry information in a similar way.
Noise, sound
Warmth, heat
Electromagnetic waves



Some of the information contained in these waves produce disturbances in the living being.
We could also describe these disturbances as ‘disharmonies’.
The red arrow represents the disturbance information:

The Enti-approach consists of providing the information necessary
to neutralize the “disturbance-information”.
We call the wave containing the neutralising information the ‘Enti-neutralising wave’.
The red arrow represents the neutralising Enti-info.

When we find a disturbance in a living organism, we start offby producing the neutralising information, and then administer it to the disturbed living organism.

This results in the elimination of the disharmony.

Finally harmony has been created.