The different



Several products have been developed for various applications

The harmonizing “Enti I” biomagnetic field

As applied to snails (helix aspersa: “gros gris” and “petit gris”)

The biomagnetic field is carried by granite stones, which in turn informatises the water used for spraying.
The granite stones are placed in the suction tube of the sprinkler system.
(for technical details see under “In practice”)

The “Enti I” informatisation affects the:

A/ mortality rate
B/ intoxication level
C/ growth/maturation
D/ quality and taste of the meat

The effects in detail:

A. Mortality rate: mortality rate is effectively reduced to 0,05 – 0 %, due to harmonisation, integration and enhanced health.
Where normally a mortality of up to 50% takes place during growth, and another 25% during the conservation phase, the biomagnetic field reduces mortality to 0% during both phases.

B. Intoxication level
Intoxication of the snails takes place through soil, grass, food and water used.
The effects of the above are neutralised with the application of the “Enti I” information.

C. Growth/Maturation
The Enti I field enhances the whole lifecycle of the snail.
It also improves the growth, maturing and hardening of the epistome.

D. Quality and taste of the meat
It should be obvious that as the health of the snails enhances, also the quality of the meat improves.
In fact, the meat has a finer taste, is smoother and softer and has an almost incomparable and much more elaborated and complex taste pallet.

In practice:

A number of granite stones are placed in the suction tube of the sprinkler system (*).
The number of stones depend on the required quantity and flow of water and will be calculated for each individual snail farm.

The entire informatisation-device will be delivered.

(*) see attached photo and diagram




Instructions for the application of The biomagnetic field “Enti I” on snails

The purpose of the biomagnetic “Enti I” field transferred to granite stones is to prevent intoxication and diseases of snails.

A. Items needed
– granite stones of Enti I informatised and processed in a suction tube
– sprinkler system snail farm

B. Application method
1. Spray the snails with water that is passed through the suction tube in which granite stones are installed and as such is being informatised.

2. Frequency of application:
– every day during the growing season of the snails.

3. No chemical treatment needed.

Click here to download the protocol (Word document)

The “Enti II” biomagnetic field

Applied to honeybees (Apis mellifera)

The biomagnetic field we give to the bees is charged on CMC (carboxy methylated cellulosis). The powder is entirely atoxic.

The “Enti-information II” has the following effects:
1/ reduces mortality to 0%
2/ no presence of the Varroa mite
3/ obvious increase in vitality and strength
4/ stress in bees is no longer present
5/ enhanced production of honey

The effects are remarkable and clearly visible within a few weeks. The first signs, such as increased activity and buzzing of the bees, are undeniable within a few days after the application of the powder.

The biomagnetic field is applied by powdering the inside of the beehive. In order to do so, some 20g of CMC is brought inside.


As such, informatisation can be accelerated by powdering more frequently:
Application 1: day 1
Application 2: day 4
Application 3: day 10
Application 4: day 20

Thereafter, the applications (20 g CMC) are carried out regularly every 2-3 weeks. This process must continue throughout the year, including winter.
The Enti-biomagnetic field increases the health of the bees, and does not bring about the destruction of the Varroa mite.

As external stress-inducing factors continue to be present, regularly applying the neutralising powder is necessary.

See also the “application protocol” of “Enti II” for bees.


Instructions for the application of the biomagnetic field “Enti II” on bees

The purpose of the biomagnetic field “Enti II” transferred to the Carboxyl Methyul Cellulose (CMC), is to prevent that bees are being infested with the parasitic Varroa mite.
Through this treatment an important revitalisation takes place and the stress to the bees is reduced.

A. Items needed

– CMC “Enti II’ in powder form

B. Application method

1. Directly apply the powder to the bees in the beehive, i.e. 20 g per beehive .

2. Frequency of application:

2.1 During the start-up phase:

– day 1 20 g
– day 4 20 g
– day 10 20 g
– day 20 20 g

2.2 After the first 3 weeks:

– one dose of 20 g, to be repeated every 2 – 3 weeks.

C. Storage

Store the powder in a wooden box, in a dark and dry place and avoid contact with soil, cement, metal, stone and magnetic fields.

Click here to download the protocol (Word document)

The “Enti III” biomagnetic field

Applied to plants
The BMF is charged on CMC (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulosis), which is dissolved in water in order to spray the solution on the plants.
The BMF “Enti III” has a major effect on the diseases that occur most frequently, for example the mycotic and parasitic infestations.
More specifically:
A/ phytophtora
B/ botrytis
C/ oidium, mildew
D/ all kinds of parasitic effects

These wide-ranging effects are possible because the plant’s general disturbed states are neutralised. In doing so, the re-vitalisation of the plant occurs.
The plants become less susceptible to disturbing circumstances.

The effects of the “Enti-informatisation III”:
A. Avoiding diseases
B. Enhanced vitality of the plant
C. Improving the quality of flowers and fruits
D. Optimisation of production
E. Maximising crop yields

In practice:
Prepare a solution of 8g/liter water of the CMC Enti III.
This solution is sprayed on the leaves and stems of the plant.
In principle, this process needs to be repeated every 2 tot 3 weeks.
For amplified informatisation, you can initially spray on day 1, day 4, day 10, and day 20.
After this initial amplified phase, spraying the plant every 2 to 3 weeks is adequate.